SQL Server Tools

Below is a select of tools which either I have used or just ones which I have stumbled across and intend to test out at some point in the future.

Quest SQL LiteSpeed

As our infrastructure grew, I needed to solve two problems – Backup size and duration. The main problem was our ASP hosted environment. We had grown from 8 databases totalling 22GB to 32 databases totalling 700GB. Our backup drive was fast approaching 1TB and our backups were starting to run into the business day. I had used LiteSpeed previously and downloaded a demo copy straight away. I was confident we’d resolve both problems extremely quickly. We set up some tests on our largest client database and the results were impressive. A 70GB backup was reduced from 1 hours and 27 minutes down to 12 minutes in addition from a 60GB backup file down to 12GB. I then tested on our largest central database of 200GB and the results were excellent. Time dropped from 4 hours down to 38 minutes and size dropped down to 26GB.

SQL Ping

Currently on version 3.0, I find this tool invaluble to collecting information regarding SQL Server instances, builds, blank logins and so on across our network. Extremely easy to use and a great report detailing potential security risks.

SQL Locator

This tool was provided as feedback to the Daily Checks post. I’ve not used it as yet, but I’ll certainly download this tool and post some information about it.